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Truck Sleeper Sheets Keep Drivers Comfortable

Getting a good night's sleep is an occupational necessity for the thousands of over-the-road truckers. The popularity of sleeper cabs allows drivers to stretch out and relax without paying for an accommodation at a hotel or motel. Beds are a central feature of sleeper cabs and the combination of a quality mattress and quality truck sleeper sheets adds to driver comfort and safety.

Truck sleeper cabs have become a home away from home with amenities that rival some small New York apartments. Air conditioning, entertainment systems, flat screen televisions and microwave ovens help make life on the road less of a chore.

Truck Sleeper Sheets Are More Comfortable

Spending night after night on the road takes a toll on the nation's truck drivers. Long hours behind the wheel of a truck that may weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and measure 70 or 80 feet long is a tremendous responsibility. It takes skill and dedication to earn a living on the road. The routine can be tedious and tiring and new restrictions on the amount of drive time a drive can log can put pressure on drivers to make the most of their time behind the wheel.

Getting enough sleep is important for all of us. Insufficient sleep has been shown to contribute to poor work performance, increases in traffic accidents, poor grades in school and a general sense of inattentiveness. Falling asleep at the wheel has become a major problem in many areas with state troopers being trained to spot tired drivers. The training is similar to that given to law enforcement used to spot alcohol impaired drivers. This is not meant to put drowsy drivers in the same class as a drunk. But the data clearly shows that driving while tired can be as dangerous as being under the influence or drugs or alcohol.

Some research studies have also shown that how we sleep and what we sleep on can have a dramatic effect on the quality of sleep we get. Everything from the mattress and foundation to the bed sheets and the temperature can influence our sleep patterns. For long haul truck drivers, the ambient conditions they face, be it temperature, noise or other distractions can adversely effect their sleep and driving performance.

Some truck sleeper mattresses are made from foam and not much else. Truck sleeper mattresses are not made from just any type of foam. The Department of Transportation has some pretty tough standards which address issues like flammability and resistance to fire. Truck sleeper mattresses are also not very thick, certainly not as thick as a standard mattress, usually about 5 inches. This is in contrast to the 7 or 8 inch thickness of a standard mattress.

The biggest, or smallest, difference between standard mattresses and truck sleeper mattresses is the overall size. The space limitations of the average sleeper cab do not allow for beds much larger than a standard twin size, though some larger truck sleeper cabs might have a bigger bed. The unique size of most truck sleeper beds means that truck sleeper sheets are not available at just any local department store.

Truck Sleeper Sheet Sizes

  • 32 inches by 78 inches
  • 36 inches by 75 inches
  • 36 inches by 80 inches
  • 38 inches by 80 inches
  • 42 inches by 80 inches

Again, most standard truck sleeper mattresses are only about 5 inches thick.

These specials sizes are not commonly found even in specialty bedding stores. As the size chart shows, the closest size to a standard twin mattress is 38 inches wide but the length is the same as an extra long twin. When trying to use a standard set of twin sheets the thinness of the mattress creates a problem with the fit of the bottom sheet. The bottom sheet will not fit snugly and is likely to bunch up while sleeping causing lumps and bumps making a good night's sleep harder to get.

A quality set of truck sleeper sheets will include a fitted bottom sheet, a top sheet and a pillow case. The corner pockets should not be too deep and there should elastic banding sewn into the edge seam of the bottom sheet. The elastic should be sewn around the length of the edge seam which will hold the bottom sheet snugly in place.

Even on the road, drivers take care of the routine chores of daily life, including having to do laundry. When it comes to truck sleeper sheets, the choice of fabric can make laundry day a little easier. Cottons and cotton polyester blends are easy care fabrics that will hold the shape of the sheet.

Sheets For Truck Sleeper Fabric, Colors and Quality

There are always bargain sheet sets where the price looks good but the quality may leave to be desired. Cheap truck sleeper sheet sets will feel flimsy because of the thread count is very low. The thread count is simply a measurement of the number of thread per square inch of fabric. Other than fabric choices, the fabric thread count is the most important thing to consider whether shopping for sheets for the home or a truck sleeper. Bargain sheets sets may have fabric thread counts as low as 80.

Quality truck sleeper sheets, like those available at, will have fabric thread counts of at least 200. Long wearing and very comfortable, quality bed sheets from are truly a bargain.

Whether for a mattress at home of a truck sleeper mattress a great addition to a set of quality sheets is a mattress pad. A quality quilted mattress pad from adds a layer of comfort to the mattress and helps to keep the mattress clean. Made from cotton with 100 percent polyester batting, these mattress pads are machine washable. Polyester is great choice for batting since it naturally resists mildew.

So before hitting the road, make sure all the creatures comforts are close at hand including a set of quality bed sheets from

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